Welcome to my Site!

About Me

Hey! Welcome to my site. This is the place where I like to keep track of what I've partaken in and also what I can provide for you. Right now, I'm providing you information about myself. I was born in Moscow, Russia but have lived in the United States since 3 1/2 so I don't have much of any of the Russian laguage down. My current hobbies include voiceover, playlist creation, video games, VR, and esports. My day job is currently Collegiate Esports and I love being able to inspire students with the power of gaming and community. I'm an avid enjoyer of all thing space as you can tell by the design of the website. My favorite exo planet is J1407b. I hope you enjoy my website and all the things I have to offer. If you're mega patient unlike me, you can watch the entire Bee Movie script scroll on the bottom.

My Spotify Playlists

When I create Spotify playlists, I often times create them out of nessecity because there isn't a good or long enough playlist. Whether it's sailing the high seas in Sea of Thieves with the Pirate Mix, or drifting away with the Escapism mix, I hope my playlists can find a place in your library. I try my best to keep the playlists shuffled/updated weekly since Spotify likes to shuffle based on listening habits. Try the Lofi Mix today! It's got 10,000 unique songs with over 386 hours of playback.

Projects I've Participated In